LPCXpresso software

I am working on a number of different projects that use the LPCXpresso modules or it's processors.

Some of these projects are:

USB stack for lpc13xx Xpresso boards

The current LPCUSB stack from Bertrik Sikken was originally written for the lpc2148 controller but matches very well with the lpc17xx since these use the same USB device controller.
The lpc1343 uses a variant of this controller, some changes in interrupt structure make changes to the code neccessary in order to work properly. Since one of my old projects is using the 1343 LPCXpresso board (and it still uses the Keil stack) I thought it's now time to start porting LPCUSB to the 1343 processor as well.

Test Software for lpc1754 module

No hardware is complete without software.

I created a versatile lpc17xx module with a number of features on board that I missed on the LPCXpresso modules.
A micro-SD connector for storing data, a USB device connector and a backup battery were not available on the LPCXpresso modules but don't forget the fact that not all the I/O pins have been made available (due to limitations on pin count on the Xpresso module).

Before debugging my application software just to discover that the board is not 100% working I decided to start with a test program to verify the board and it's connections to the outside world. The result is a program that verifies proper working of the board (including SD card) and reports this status via USB to the PC.

Timing System for bicycle races

Using a combination of optical gates (using laser diodes) and an RFID system this timing system will provide a cheap but reliable solution for cycling races. With its high resolution of 0.1 ms it is capable of providing the exact timing that is required by the WRRA for record attempts as well.